Aya Speaks PRINT

Aya Speaks PRINT

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During this challenging time on earth, I felt inspired to create a piece that would show just what mother Aya has to offer us. Aya is short for Ayahuasca.
Ayahuasca is a sacred Amazonian brew that has been used for centuries in healing ceremonies. The main ingredient of this psychoactive jungle juice is a vine called Banisteriopsis caapi (known as 'vine of the soul'). The secondary ingredient is the vision-inducing, DMT- containing leaves of the chacruna plant, also known as Psychotria Viridis. The insights into one's self and the nature of this vast, mysterious universe, can be obtained from just one Ayahuasca experience and can be entirely transformative. There are a number of studies currently in progress suggesting that Ayahuasca can help with trauma, depression, anxiety, drug- addiction and even cancer. Some Aya drinkers just want a deeper spiritual connection with themselves. Just about everyone who has experienced it confirms that Ayahuasca helps them tune in to their inner wisdom and higher being. 
The spirit behind Ayahuasca (and all the plant medicines for that matter) has a message for us. I believe that message is that we are all connected and we need to act appropriately upon this important realization. Mother Aya is speaking to us and if we listen, she can show us how we can live together in peaceful harmony. She can show us the beauty that is inherent in all life forms. However, it's our job to take care of this most precious planet that gives us life. I say it's time to thrive!

-Molly Moon Sparkle

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Printed on high quality, fine giclee, thick & glossy CARD stock. Easy to frame :)

All prints are handed signed. 

Prints are made with 1 INCH white border surrounding it the artwork. (Example: if you buy a 11x14in print, then the artwork is 9x12 and the 1 inch full border makes it 11x14 in total.) 


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