"Standing Back or Standing Up?"

Take a look around and tell me, what do you see?
Racism. Sexual harassment. Addiction going uncorrected.
Not to forget women’s equality rejected.
But what did they think, 
That this would all just be accepted?
We have politician corruption
That’s putting our states under massive destruction, disruption. 
I’ll tell you right now- 
It’s corruption.
You see the starving children of our world being affected, 
Feeling neglected- disconnected.
Why must we make them feel so unprotected?
You see pain all over our streets- how did this escalate? 
By people driven by fear, disguised by hate.
Do we really need all nations divided?
I just know this isn’t our fate.
Greed and anger- it has driven us to wars. 
Why are we even opening those doors? 
I can’t express enough...
This act of violence is something I deplore!
Our overlords drunken off of money and power
Getting hungry for more by the hour. 
What a shame. 
We should really just get rid of ‘Trump’ Tower!
Those at Standing Rock being sprayed with mace,
The natives are just trying to protect their space!!!
Dropping bombs?…
What a disgrace.
We also have today’s mainstream society
giving people major anxiety.
And one more word: brainwashed.
We need to restart this whole system entirely- 
with different cultural variety.
Did I mention all the factory farming?
It’s painful to see and shouldn’t that be alarming?...
Beautiful creatures being treated so poorly-- then slaughtered. 
Tough words to bite, right? Doesn’t it sound so charming?
And global warming?-- oh yea, you better believe it’s real! 
People actually asking, "is it that big of a deal?"
Climate change is what we need.
Clean water and air would be ideal.
Ecological awarene…
Oh shit another earthquake!! mind-ache!
How much more are we going to take, for goddess sake?
To be honest,
I’m just trying to stay ‘awake.’
Through all this horror I won’t slip back,
I just need to breathe and try to calm my panic attack. 
Shew- I’m okay. Yes, I’m brave.
I don’t need any of their terrible, mind-numbing Prozac.
I’m here to tell you that it’s time for a change. 
This world we’re living in is becoming completely deranged.
So it’s time to go to work,
Teaching peace because our only hope is to rearrange.
They don’t make LOVE newsworthy, but it still exist. 
I know the corporations wouldn’t want me to tell you this, 
but how could I possibly resist? 
So please take my word for it, 
I insist.
To begin this journey, the truth will have to be revealed
Then you will need a little time to be healed. 
I’m about to let you in on one of the big secrets,
So, are you ready to let down your big fearsome shield?
Ultimately, We are ONE huge conscious mind. 
Try to open your eyes and not be so blind. 
What affects you, affects me- and vice versa. 
That is simply how ‘its’ designed.
You and I are brothers and sisters from all the same roots
And we have magic powers so that we can transmute. 
We come in many different forms- 
this includes other animals and plants too. 
This is what we would call our uniquely defined spacesuits.
These personal suits don’t mean that we are NOT one of the same. 
That is not what I’m trying to proclaim!
but our race shouldn’t divide us- that’s just insane.
Do you hear me? We are ONE consciousness- it’s no game.
There are many of us who already know,
But we need more people to get with the flow. 
Self-exploration: that’s the first step.
So release all the things that don’t want you to grow.
Once you awaken to the truth of your being,
You’ll find out that love is all you’ve been seeking.
Ask our ancestors for guidance- they know all the answers. 
They will show you the way- and it will be very freeing.
We need this for our environment. 
This is our home; we need it clean. 
And it’s to all of our entitlement.
I promise there is no time for regressing
Our future is in the stars, I know- so this is me confessing,
PLEASE!! I’m afraid for our planet.
So, I’m pleading for some progressing.
And Yes, love DOES conquer all!
I wouldn’t tell you this just to see you fall
But it takes us to stand up-
To put some motion into this call.
Go out there and Protest! Protect! And Project out LOVE!
And when things get tough- don’t stand back, stand up!
Lets start to raise this vibration-
We all just need some liberation
I need us to stand together,
Then we can have our celebration.
So look around now, and tell me...what do you see?
©Rebecca Ann Hill 2016




You’re a delicate butterfly, gliding through time and space.

Glide Easy. Hold gratitude for all the challenges--

for in the processes of transformation,

there’s a delightful freedom that awaits.

When inspiration strikes more poetry will come... 
In the meantime,  I'll be writing my spiritual awakening book--  that will tell about my journey, and be here to help others who walk this earthly plane after me ;)