Divine Goddess Series:

I'm currently in the creative process of birthing quite a few paintings, that will build 'The Divine Goddess Series'. I've been working on a new painting technique, and have decided to carefully go towards another direction with my art-- and while being all self-taught, it is taking sweet time. Since my earliest work, I've grown exponentially. I now carry within my mind an exceptionally supernatural library of vivid images, and loaded wisdom passed down from my ancient ancestors, through channeling in altered states, and I've remembered what I've always known, who I've always been, and what can not be forgotten in history. My main concept for this series is to show the magickal collective connection that runs through everything, and every being,  in this life-- past, present and our many possible futures. I hope to portray, through each of my upcoming paintings, the beautiful & powerful women who were wrongly and horrifically prosecuted because of their spiritual belief systems-- of worshiping nature--, having healing hands and medicinal wisdom, or being anything except what was "acceptable" in society. This is a very broad subject-- but in short, the 'witch hunts' have brought in much darkness to this world we are in. However, what they-- who feared-- didn't know is that the magick never dies... that the light never dies. And WE are still here-- gracefully and fearlessly healing the wounds left in our collective unconscious. I hope my paintings will depict the elegant flow of nature, and the magick that runs through our veins.  I speak up for our women-- for our sisterhood. We are powerful, we are sacred, we are magick and connected to everything around us-- this includes our moon goddess, which you'll see a lot of in this series. Remember: What is done to one, is done to another. Let us continue the flow of nature here-- before it's too late. If you haven't found that thing, just yet, which ignites your soul-- man or women-- I hope my paintings can help you remember... can you feel the magick?

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Galactic Envisions: 

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Ecstatic Love, Lost Dreams, and Mystic Visions Collection:

This was a wonderful series of my first paintings-- which created a book of art and poetry with my twinflame, David Jay Brown. BUY YOUR COPY AND BECOME IMMERSED IN REMEMBERING OUR LOST DREAMS!

mind alters :

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