'Heightened Awareness' (Photo featuring me, and my twin-flame, David Jay Brown-- taken and edited by Molly)

'Heightened Awareness' (Photo featuring me, and my twin-flame, David Jay Brown-- taken and edited by Molly)

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Small glimpse of the studio ;)

Small glimpse of the studio ;)

Short Biography:

Rebecca Ann Hill, also known as “Molly Moon Sparkle”— her alter ego, is a visual artist and co-author of two published books-- "Women of Visionary Art" and "Ecstatic Love, Lost Dreams, & Mystic Visions"-- who resides in Santa Cruz, California. While splashing around acrylic paints, her early artwork has been inspired by powerful emotions (such as love), mystical states of consciousness, nature & extraterrestrial life forms.

Though- most recently- through time & experience, Molly has connected with what appear to be ancestral spirits while shamanic journeying— who were powerful in their line of magick & craft. She has received extraordinary mystical visions, multidimensional downloads, significant & important insights about the realms ‘beyond the veil’ and wisdom into & about life on this very planet . As she continues her road of self-discovery fearlessly, she wants to share with the world the wisdom that is being passed down to her through these highly transcended experiences, exclaiming the importance of planetary balance of feminine & masculine energies. Molly’s newer- more evolved- paintings are inspired by these ancestral connections, her relationship with spirit, light source & goddess, and our relations to the magick of the moon. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

Primarily a painter, she is also interested with the science behind entheogens, the human mind, and spiritual/shamanistic experiences. Molly is currently studying psychology and exploring the theatrical arts program, for stage makeup & costume design- with the eventual goal of transferring to UCSC. Her other interest include writing (Check out her blog "Go Ask Molly"), modeling & photography art, face/body painting, creating herbal smoking & tea blends, dancing, and crystal healing. She also has a love and natural ability for the Tarot-- for she is an extraordinarily gifted channeler & quite a clairvoyant. 

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Artist's Statement:

"My primary aspirations in life are simple: to raise consciousness on this planet, to help others discover the magick and transformative power they already have in themselves to heal and manifest, and to paint visions that inspire others to dream and think outwards- beyond their typical dimensions. Within this Western society- and through our social conditioning- we have been falsely taught about who we ‘thought’ we were... and now is the time to discover the TRUE-- the authentic—identity that lays within each and every one of us! 

I’ve always been hugely fascinated with the limitless potential of the mind— of our consciousness— and the spiritual experiences that one can have through the use of mind-altering plant medicines, and other mind expanding techniques. On a macro scale the planet is ‘waking up’— trying to push towards a new era of a thriving, spiritually & technologically advanced, sustainable biosphere— just as we, from a micro scale vantage point are ‘waking up’ spiritually, to heal ourselves and help heal our dying planet as a whole. During this huge shift in time— which is a challenging one— I feel a deep obligation, and profound love, to assist others that are having difficulties while transitioning when their eyes become open in full awareness, and are suffering from a spiritual- or existential- crisis, just as I did.

Though this process of reconditioning of the mind can be painful, I've used painting, writing and other forms of creative expression, as a vital role to heal deeply hidden wounds...as our creativity grants us the power to go inside and find our inner, higher and wiser selves— and even connect with ‘source’ energy; It’s a meditation among all things.

I've also found (and continue to use) a variety of herbs, and special crystals, to be an incredibly nourishing aid while being on this journey of awakening-- and I want to share these tools with you! Through all my creations--- my paintings, blog writings, modeling & photography art, books, and the overall sharing of my wisdom & ‘heart medicine’--  I hope to spread the universal message that we are all inter-collectively connected as ONE being-- ONE consciousness. We are all beings made up of the same source light, and we can reconnect- in so many ways- with that universal, magick love light.. we can heal and save the planet. Lets co-create the life and peaceful, healed world we want to live in- for ourselves and for the many generations to come.

My spiritual growth and my expansion of artistic pursuits are ongoing. I hope to inspire you to get up and create, to love, to grow, to heal, to teach, to reconnect with your true self. I invite you to come on this ever-flowing and evolving journey with me. Lets walk the path together- in unity! Stay tuned!"

--Molly Moon Sparkle

'Celestial Shine' (12x12x1.5in) ORIGINAL AVALIABLE <3

'Celestial Shine' (12x12x1.5in) ORIGINAL AVALIABLE <3

Can you feel the magick in you? ;)

'Wisdom of the Yoni's Heart' (14"X18") ORIGINAL AVAIABLE &lt;3

'Wisdom of the Yoni's Heart' (14"X18") ORIGINAL AVAIABLE <3


Happiness blossoms from within-- explore the heart cave & find that magick!

-Molly Moon Sparkle

'Luminous Luna' (9'x12") ORIGINAL AVAILABLE

'Luminous Luna' (9'x12") ORIGINAL AVAILABLE

*Blessed be the magick in all seeds of life*