Beautiful Sacred Blessed Soul...

Here is where we will establish a deeper connection and learn what I do in service for the planet, as I allow you to see glimpses into the window of my life- my spirit- with an open heart and ever-widening arms. Over the years, I’ve had many creative interest that I’ve wanted to bridge & bring into full fruition, and I’m forever learning, healing, creating, and growing!

On this journey of self-exploration, I’ve had to question how to do the things that I love to create a sustainable living, where I can support myself and fully thrive, while also being in service for the higher good of humanity. The answer is quite simple: Offer myself to you-- my authentic voice and journey-- so that you can see me in ALL that I am.

I have been greatly inspired and influenced by fellow visual artists, Authors, explorers, creative thinkers & philosophers, and all alike. It’s because of this community, this uplifting and showing of oneself, that I am able to do what I do. I understand the undeniable power of what can happen to a person, when seeing others thrive as they offer their unique services- when they allow themselves to be seen authentically. People who uplift encourage others to do the same.

May my offerings ignite a fire in you so bright, that you blaze through this world with love in your heart, on a mission to inspire and uplift the ones in your help our planet evolve and co-create a world of more beauty and less fear, pain, and anger.

I want to open eyes and hearts by showing messages depicted through my blog writings, paintings, photography art, books, tarot readings, heart wisdom- and I wish to build community-- an open space for all to be who you truly are. The page is also a portfolio of sorts- where I share a collection of many photos from my personal life events- workshops, creating in the studio, many adventures and more! Let’s all inspire one another-- we will evolve & rise together!

Women, or men, from all backgrounds, or traditions, are welcome here. I’m over the moon excited to connect with you in these new ways and share all that I know in order to enrich your life and spiritual practice. You can feel free to reach out to me at any time, as I would love to hear from you.

Blessed Be and So it is,

-Molly Moon Sparkle


Abundance-800x6001 (1).jpg
We write in history; We make right in history!
— Molly Moon sparkle

The list below entails my passions and what I am offering you:

Creative Writing:

I will let my words flow like a river- out of my spirit, on to the interweb. With my blog, Go Ask Molly, I will be sharing my life experiences- my thoughts, feelings, insights, dreams, findings...everything I feel like telling. I’ll write about my paintings, alongside their symbolism; I’ll tell you about my significant and important life insights, about my inspirations & passions, my lucid dreams, what I’m currently learning about or projects I’m working on.

I’ll offer my direct research, knowledge & use of mother nature's most magnificent ancient tools- healing herbs & crystals-- helping to broaden your knowledge of each of their properties. I'll also chime in with tips and techniques on how to use these tools to your best advantage, and you can integrate these into your own practices.

I’d also like to take you on a voyage into the exploration of a variety of different psychedelic compounds- describing what each are, and explain the effects and psychology behind what these intriguing substances can do and how they are being used in a medicinal context. Ill also share my own twist of personal philosophy on why I think these planet medicines are here on the planet. And most importantly: How they can be safely be used. Ill even throw in some of my life-changing, breakthrough “trip stories.”

You can feel free to ask me anything...Knowing me, I’m sure I’ll have something to say in response. In all hopes my writings will help inspire you on your spiritual path-- to develop, or deepen, your heal, grow & create.


I paint visions from the lower and higher realms which I've been blessed enough to tap into. Visionary art can change a person, make them think beyond their typical dimensions, allow them to see ‘beyond the veil’, and change people for the better.

You can view my gallery of completed creations on this website. I will also give you views of my paintings in progress below, on this page- showing you what it’s like in the studio. I’m currently creating a new series entitled “Molly Moon Magick” and preparing for a gallery show in DT Santa Cruz, Ca.

Modeling & Photography Art:

I’m huge on taking photos- and I then take my photographs and turn them into a more creative, enhanced art. These photographs can be seen in my online gallery. I also enjoy using my face as canvas, to create & make wild, highly imaginable creatures come to life.

Alchemy- Crystals, herbs:

I love to dive deep into the realm of MAGICK and ALCHEMY-  where there is such raw passionate connections with my crystals and herbs. I want to share what these tools do for me. They give me the strength to keep pushing through, and help to keep me grounded while I continue to be creative, get through my studies and share my craft with you.

It’s through these very tools that give me peace, wisdom and understanding, as well as help me sustain a deeper connection with ‘source’ and our ancestors-- as they able me to set my intentions clearly and cultivate my fullest potential on my spiritual journey.

I love to mix different herbs to make teas, smoking blends, and essential oil mixtures to help open the mind, relax the body, promote lucid dreaming, and much more. I offer you my recipes and knowledge of these herbal properties, and crystal healing frequencies, throughout my Blog.


Tarot Readings:

I often speak to my ancestors through divination or while on shamanic journeys, and the most important thing that I'm always encouraged to do is: Go to the ancient tools for a source of inspiration whenever it is I get “stuck” or need guidance.

Being a clairvoyant, I’ve used this gift to help me with divination. I channel source and give tarot readings, in all hopes to help give another fellow creature some guidance on their path in life. I will soon be offering Tarot readings, Stay tuned for updates.  

Psychology Studies:

I’m currently studying Psychology & Journalism at Cabrillo college (Santa Cruz), with many electives in the arts department. I plan to transfer to UCSC in a couple of years. Along this educational voyage, from time to time, I’d like to share what I’m learning with my own spin of philosophies around whatever particular topics come up; these discussions will be posted on my blog. I’m most fascinated with the ‘transpersonal’ aspect of psychology- which means: that which transcends beyond the physical brain, the mind. and the many states of altered consciousness that one is able to tap into. (Hopefully, you realize most of the information, experiences. insights, wisdom I want to offer you, will come to you through writings in my blog— for all to see & share around). :)

Please Stay tuned for a portfolio of photos from my everyday life- coming soon!