🔮Visual Artist, Author/Writer, Burlesque Performance Dancer & Psychonautic Witch🔮

What a true pleasure it is to welcome you to my sacred space! Take time to explore & immerse yourself in my divinely crafted online sanctuary- a site where you’re invited to ride along with me through a journey of my heart-centered, free- self expression. Within this magickal site, you'll discover my paintings, studies, sketches, modeling, photography art, published works, and my evolving blog: Go Ask Molly.

My latest book is Women of Visionary Art, co-written with author- and my beloved partner- David Jay Brown.  To find out more about my life’s work and endeavors, visit my biography page- and stay tuned in for new blogs.

The Molly’s Magick Offerings shares my mission and what I offer to help uplift, cultivate, encourage, inspire, and create magick into YOUR life. It’s deeply important to me to show how I love and giveback to my community— for all the support and love I receive towards my line of many mystical crafts. Your support is vital to me- and I pay it forward by offering you an authentic & wise voice.

I’m here to help support you with my services, and I truly hope to inspire you-- ever so wildly- while you walk your path. All in humbling great Spirit, and well wishes for all.. so it is & blessed be!

  -Molly Moon Sparkle, xxx